Profile Silhouette

Here are step by step instructions for if you want to trace your profile. You will need 1-2 additional people to assist you. (Got a finished product? Send a picture to [email protected] to be featured and get a FREE cup of coffee from Britt!)

1. Cut 22x28 of brown paper, or use a poster board. Pin up paper on the wall in a dark area.

2. Have the individual stand next to the wall with their shoulder touching the wall. Their face should be turned slightly in as to not exaggerate any features from the shadow.

3. Shine a flashlight (using another individual if needed, some use tripods or mic stands to hold the light), or your phone flashlight on the individual until the tracer can trace the shadow onto the paper. (You may want the individual to sit to prevent movement. Also don't be concerned about getting every detail perfect. Try to get the facial sketch completed. Some may opt not to have eyelashes or eyebrows shown.)

4. Once the profile is traced, remove the paper from the wall and have the individual connect any missing piece, or change her hair, and go over the outline with a permanent marker.

5. Cut the profile out and work through it during the course. Frame it in a 16x20 frame. (Under $10 at Michaels with a coupon!)

If you don't want to trace, go ahead and download or print the profile file attached to the lesson. There are two types. A solid white, where creativity runs wild and a mosaic, for those who say they are artistically challenged. Print for your Bible, favorite book, or frame, or download and create using "PAPER BY FIFTYTHREE" or "YOU DOODLE - DRAW ON PHOTOS"

Or you can purchase the front and back 5x7 below on 14pt Cardstock to be mailed to your address between 1-2 business days. Just click the "BUY NOW" on the picture below!

Purchase 5X7

If you want someone else to do it. Take a photo of your profile and work through the course. Send your photo and notes to [email protected] and Brittany (or artsy friend) will vectorize your profile and complete the project for you.

Quote: Just Your Silhouette $20 (Digital 5x7 or 16 x 20 w/ a printing recommendation)
Quote: Complete 16x20 Silhouette and Added Notes $100 (Includes shipping)

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